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Tasty black ice cream against Offshore Oil drilling 

It's a sunny day, you're walking along the beach, you stop for an ice cream. Will it be a zingy green Lemon & lime? Or a bright scarlet scoop of raspberry? Neither. Today your ice cream will be black.


The idea started when Pepita’s, a local handmade, dairy-free, vegan ice cream brand in the Northern Beaches and its new agency All Good Collective came to discuss the threat of PEP11 (Petroleum Exploitation Permit 11), authorising offshore drilling for oil and gas on the Sydney Basin, between Newcastle and Manly.


“Drilling offshore for fossil fuels will affect the sea, marine wildlife, our environment and it will affect our business too. Do you want to come enjoy an ice cream along a polluted and spoiled beach? We know we don’t,” say Melanie, Elliott & Theo from Pepita’s.

Surfrider Foundation were doing paddle-outs to raise awareness of the environmental risks of PEP11, and Pepita’s wanted to help. As pastry chefs, they decided to show their support with what they know best: ice cream.

Colour and flavour are usually inseparable when you choose an ice cream. We wanted to grab people's attention by disrupting that. A black ice cream is a visual shock. It's meant to get people talking about something that's putting our coastline and lifestyle at risk. Of course, Pepita’s worked on the ingredients and taste to make it fresh and delicious. But the black colour really takes you aback.

Black-ice cream-pepitas-surfrider-All-good-collective-purpose-agency-best-sustainability-campaign-marketing-advertising-campaign-Sydney-ad-max-guena-creative-director

Launched in August 2021, to coincide with Independent MP Zali Steggall's proposed bill to Parliament to definitively stop PEP11, and with Surfrider’s Town Hall sessions, the campaign has sparked conversation in social media, with new retailers wanting to join the cause and sell the black ice cream in their store, and yes, helped STOP PEP 11 definitely! 

Pepita's has released 7 “Black” flavours over the next 3 months, with an integrated campaign (online, on-pack, in-store and direct), starting with the Black Lemon & lime, to help raise awareness of the offshore drilling proposal. 100% of their profits will go to Surfrider Foundation #STOPPEP11. 

The ice cream packs carried a QR code to direct people to the online petition, and helped pass the bill. YEAH!

social-media-Black-ice cream-pepitas-surfrider-All-good-collective-purpose-agency-best-sustainability-campaign-marketing-advertising-campaign-Sydney-ad-max-guena-creative-director

We spent almost $0 in media or PR as the black ice cream against the Oil drilling has spread naturally by local, national and international media, as well as on social by customers, influencers, activist, partners and future partners.

The results? PEP11 has been stopped
We are proud to be part of this victory,thanks to everyone involved in the fight!

PR-Black-ice cream-pepitas-surfrider-All-good-collective-purpose-agency-best-sustainability-campaign-marketing-advertising-campaign-Sydney-ad-max-guena-creative-director
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