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Seaweed for all

Pia Winberg is on a mission to fight climate change.

With a Phd in Molecular Marine Ecology, she has worked for more than 20 years on the incredible powers of seaweed, for the planet and our health.

In short seaweed grows way faster than most land crops, absorbs CO2, it cleans water, and contains many healthy proteins and vitamins that are beneficial to human health.

She’s the Founder of PhycoHealth and PhycoLife, 2 brands dedicated to add seaweed benefit to everyone’s life through food, nutraceutical and skincare products.

The seaweed twist.

Natural fruit strips are healthy.

Sea fruits straps are even better with B12, proteins and healthy stuff, but we don’t want to be boring, with an audience of parents and young adults we thought that showing the super-natural mix between fruits and the sea would make the cut!

And it did.

Make science more digest.

PhycoHealth's story is about helping save the planet while improving human health. And it felt natural for Pia to open her company’s capital to everyone through an equity crowdfunding campaign on Swarmer.
Just watch it, and see how convinced you would have been to invest!

Partnering with Pippa from Social Strat-Up Lab, we’ve managed to help PhycoHealth raised more than $670,000 !!!

Bye Bye rooster combs!

Following her last raise, Pia has improved her sustainable seaweed farming system and made a discovery with Dr Helen Fitton that would change skincare forever: a new seaweed molecule that mimics the hyaluronic acid but doesn’t use any animal or GMO in the process.
To develop further its application and scale up the production for skincare and medical treatments we made a new crowdfunding campaign. Watch it!

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