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The Indigenius Project:
Bringing Indigenous cuisine to every home

Food has always been both an expression of cultural identity, and an invitation for other people to discover yours. Australians enjoy cuisine from the world over. And yet, most remain strangers to the rich culinary traditions born right here.


Ever tried Kangaroo Stew with Bush Tomato Chutney? Smoked Paperbark Barramundi marinated with Finger Lime? Or Lemon Myrtle infused Chicken? Very few can say they have. Not because they’re culinary conservatives. Simply because they have no idea where to go to try them. We’re all for locally and sustainably grown, yet nothing’s more local and sustainable than Australian-native ingredients. And few people know how to use them in everyday meals.

Working closely with Delidoor for 9 months (a new ready made Frozen meals brand), we wanted to address this by finding a way to reconnect with First Nations cultures through their inventive cuisines and unique tastes.

That’s how THE INDIGENIUS PROJECT was born:
Bringing Indigenous cuisine to every home.


We partnered with Indigenous Chef and Gamilaroi Elder, Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo, to create the first range of frozen meals that put native ingredients in the spotlight. 
Aunty Beryl represents a bridge between traditional, authentic Indigenous food and familiar, modern dishes that anyone can enjoy.  She has over 50 years of culinary know-how, deep knowledge of native ingredients such as Lilly Pillies, Kakadu plums, lemon myrtle and is an expert at modernising Bush Tucker cuisine. A food tech graduate of East Sydney TAFE, Aunty Beryl is 100% focused on the future of indigenous food.  

“With this partnership we’re giving everybody a chance to try native cuisine.” says Chef Aunty Beryl.


For this first time ever, Australians along the Eastern seaboard will be able to taste this rich and varied culinary know-how, from the comfort of their own homes.


Together, Aunty Beryl and Delidoor have created 5 innovative meals: Kangaroo Rump Stew with Illawara Plum; Wild Caught Barramundi infused with Finger Lime and Smoked in Paperbark. (The fish comes prepared and wrapped in paperbark so that you can experience authentic Indigenous cooking methods.); Kangaroo and Bush Tomato Chutney Meatballs; Lemon Myrtle Infused Chicken Thighs; and Vegetarian Bush Tucker, Quandong Ratatouille.


For each meal purchased, Delidoor will donate 10% to fund an important community project launched by Aunty Beryl: EORA, meaning “Home“ in Gadigal language, is an Aboriginal Elders Estate Development, with single storey homes built around a circular plan near Parramatta in New South Wales, for elders of the Indigenous community to retire. Because as Chef Aunty Beryl says,
“This is for elders and I think there’s not much around for us”. 


Launched to coincide with Reconciliation Week 2022, the campaign was live for 5 weeks through press, online video and social platforms. 3 meals from the range continue to feature on Delidoor’s permanent menu for the year.

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