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Super seafood is certified

What 's behind sustainable fishing and responsible farming labels?

Super people and super practices that make your seafood a better choice for you and the planet too.

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)  is on a mission to stop overfishing and helps certify that wild fishes have been caught respecting sustainable standards and quotas. ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) run teh world's leading certification for responsibly farmed seafood.


2 organisations with 2 different approaches on how we can enjoy fish forever.

We've decided to focus on the final products while telling the storie
s of care and standards needed to reach the MSC or ASC certifications.

We've created new brand guidelines. design and claims, to connect  MSC and ASC on their mission to help keeping enough fish for everyone now and in the future, and develop a campaign that can be run for multiple years and be easily used and shared by fisheries and partners.


Assets include: online advertising, social media, in-store and the  Sustainable Seafood Week 2023 & 2024 events.

We hope you choose MSC or ASC next time you go for a seafood treat!

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