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Can you dig it?

“Can I bury you in dirt?”… “No problem Max!”. So that’s just what we did!
Grow it local is an awesome platform where technology meets community. 


Created by Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols (they’re behind Garage Sale Trail, the biggest garage sale of Australia!), Grow It Local helps people grow their own food from patch to plate. 

They believe that growing a little bit of your own food solves a lot of the world’s problems. No matter wherever you live, whatever your gardening skills you can grow veggies. Paul West, Costa and many other gardening gurus and culinary experts guide you all along your gardening journey with community grow-alongs, tutorials, fun workshop and quirky veggies events.

And it's a brilliant way to change people’s perspective on what’s in their fridge and waste less. They already have 30,000 members and are on a mission to grow more food!


So when they came to Pippa -our friend from Social Start-up Labs -and us asking for a crowdfunding campaign we were thrilled. 

They have a good story, good people, good goals, and that’s what we wanted to showcase in the campaign. Nothing too crafted, just real people and truth.

Crowdfunding campaigns are different from the classic ads. It’s not only about the brand or the product, it’s about the people behind the company, who they are and how you and I can relate to them. It needs to tell you a story that you want to be part of, and make you want to invest.

We had a lot of fun doing this one, and ended up with +200% funded campaign at $515,275 from 347 investors.

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