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Seafood for Christmas? Tick!

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70-75% of a brand’s effectiveness is just a matter of brute SALIENCE.  It’s simply making sure the brand comes to mind, in all the right moments. Building brand salience to drive consumer awareness of the MSC blue fish tick label was our number 1 priority for their campaign this Christmas.  

We had to be simple and BOLD.


Aussies love seafood for Christmas. In fact, 5 million of us would happily swap a glass of fizz for a prawn cocktail*. Whether you serve them traditionally, or with more spin than a game of backyard cricket, the research conducted by the Marine Stewardship Council shows that prawns are top of the wish-list for Christmas dinner.

New research commissioned by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a non-profit that sets a global standard for sustainable fishing, found during the festive period, which counts for 40% of our annual prawn consumption, Australians typically tuck into around 22,000 tonnes of prawns. That’s the equivalent of 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools full of prawns! 

The survey also revealed that 5 million Australians are planning to enjoy even MORE prawns this Christmas compared to last year. 

This is largely driven by the desire to eat better quality food (48%), support local food producers (38%), and eat more food from sustainable sources (37%).


To make sure that we all choose sustainable prawns and lobster this festive season, we’ve gone bold. Peel the difference is an eye-catching influencer-led campaign designed to drive awareness for the MSC label. It features 4 Influencer-chefs. Each one has been chosen for their complementary culinary approach and shared commitment to sustainability. 

Showcased as crustaceon-esque mermaids and mermen, Courtney Roulston, Guy Turland, Harry Foster, Derek Lau share their recipes, views on MSC and why sustainable fishing matters with their followers.


Activated through Digital OOH, Online news & lifestyle platforms, Youtube and Meta, the campaign itself is costly efficient and carbon efficient too, using repurposed footage from MSC certified Australians prawns and lobster fisheries. 


We hope you choose MSC next time you go for a seafood treat!

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